Boarding Per Night

An overnight camp of our company will take care of your dog, make sure it’s entertained and secure. We provide all necessary services for keeping your four-leg buddy happy and healthy starting from well-trained pet professionals and vets, finishing with live webcams installed in all our rooms.

$ 80...       

House Sitting Per Night

Do not refuse to go on holidays! We take
care of your furry friends at home while
you’re enjoying your fairly deserved vacation.
We will take into account all special needs
of your pet and surround it with love
and care it deserves.

$ 120...       

30-Minute Daily Check-in

It happens that your hectic schedule or emergencies create obstacles for you to be home for your pets. Have no fear! Barking Buddies has you covered. Each visit of our caregiver will provide specific pet needs of your loved ones.

$ 35...       

12-Hour Daycare

While you’re away, our caregivers will
visit your pets during agreed hours to take
care of all of their needs and, of course,
give them lots of love and attention.


$ 20...       

30-Minute Private Walk

We will make sure that your has all the necessary exercise, mental stimulation and socialization with both dogs and people. Our caregivers will make sure your dog is happy and healthy and strong after well planned exercise routine on the fresh air.

$ 15...       

30-Minute Semi-Private Walk

Our Behavior program will help
your dog to get off your “naughty-dog”
list or just help you have more fun
with your dog using reward-based methods.